●Capital Management
Yihua Capital Management Co., Ltd is committed to the development of new strategic business with the integration of finance and industry for diversified industry operation. Up to 2017, Yihua Capital has invested in more than 120 listed and pre-listed companies in smart manufacturing, consumption upgrade, TMT, new education and many other fields.
In 2016, Shantou Yihua Equity Investment Fund and Angel Investment Fund were launched by Shantou Municipal People’s government, Yihua Capital and Yihua Group. The equity fund totals up to RMB 2 billion and the total amount of angel fund is RMB 100 million. In 2017, the Chaozhou Yihua Equity Investment Fund were launched by Chaozhou Municipal People’s government, Yihua Capital and Yihua Group, with the total amount being RMB 1 billion. The fund will focus on investment in those leading enterprises in high technology sector and fast growth industry for quick realization of the main board listing or acquisition. Also support those innovative and growth oriented enterprises and to establish a high-tech industry incubation platform with Shantou characteristic.
In 2017, Yihua participated in initiating the establishment of Zhejiang Zheshang Financial Equity Investment Fund as a cornerstone investor with the fund size of RMB 100 billion. Lushang new energy Financial Equity Investment Fund, the fund size RMB 100 billion. And also the Rongle healthy Pension Investment Fund with fund size RMB 10 billion in Shanghai. These funds will rely on the evalsuation capacity of the cornerstone investors and the fund specialization, focusing on the industrial chain around the fund investors to establish series of specialized industrial investment fund, carrying out equity investment, mergers and acquisitions, industry consolidation, asset securitization and investment business.