“Glorious flowers in spring bring solid fruits in autumn” is the motto of Yihua Group. After the development of nearly 30 years, Yihua people draw an insightful conclusion, “only hard working can help oneself achieve great success.”
    The relationship between a company and his employees is the same as the connection between leaves and roots, trees and the earth.Yihua and the employees both supplement each other forming the profound cultural connotation of the enterprise. Through constant investment, Yihua Group has established an industrial platform for Yihua timber, real estate, capital operation and investment management, which increases the amount of sale and profits of Yihua simultaneously.
    Yihua makes great preparation and accumulation before the second booming stage for financial capital, human resources, management and marketing. The assets condition of Yihua is wholesome with a long-term stable income.
    Because Yihua attaches great importance to scientific institution, the company develops advanced concepts, scientific deviation-rectification system and unique enterprise culture. With a people-oriented idea, Yihua builds up an excellent management team. Making great effort on the development of new products, Yihua fosters its strong research and development ability, which makes him a well-known international brand.
    Resource Strategy
    Timber resources strategy: Timber is a kind of natural green material which is renewable. We make good use of timber resources with the condition that we do not break the nature rule or damage natural environment to make the timber resources sustainable. Considering the timber resources shortage of China, Yihua decreases the use of domestic wood and builds up his own forestry base. In order to avoid water loss and soil erosion of the local area, Yihua systematically fells and plants trees of his forestry base. Yihua attaches great importance to the multipurpose utilization of timber resources. In order to increase the rate of utilization, Yihua tightly combines the development of products and the utilization of timber materials. The multipurpose-utilization strategy of timber materials: In 4 widely used materials (steel, cement, timber and plastic), timber is the only one which is refreshable and renewable. Increasing the multipurpose utilization rate of timber materials is our goal. "Good material, use wisely; small pieces, use widely."
    Marketing Development Strategy
    Market-expanding strategy is a multidirectional strategy. Yihua makes unique standards for many aspects including the development ability of new products, excellent sales group and method, first-rate quality-controlled system and considerate after-sale services.In order to gradually fulfill the strategy of "Market adapted, Market occupied, Market created" in 3 years, Yihua will increase the investment in technology taking the advantage of high technology to redevelop the traditional products and reform the product structure. Products may lose market because the market is changing. In order to meet the demand of markets and customers, Yihua keep on developing new products. We aim at establishing first, second and third-tier markets. The first-tier market refers to the existing market which needs us to protect. The second-tier market refers to the internal market which needs us to occupy. The third-tier market refers to the planned market which needs us to make great preparation.
        Brand Strategy
    The brand development strategy of Yihua which is also called "Brand integrated superiority strategy"asks the company to take full advantage of his brand to form his own trademark and build his core competence. By promoting our own brand, Yihua grows up with great strength and reputation.
        1. Attach great importance to the brand management, establish the brand institution and improve the brand concept.
        2. Build the core competence by taking advantage of the brand.
    Human Resource Strategy
    With a belief of "people-oriented" and a policy of "creating great products, bringing up top employees, building excellent environment and providing first-rate services", Yihua takes the talents-team building as a key job of his development. Based on a sound enterprise institution, Yihua takes further steps to improve the salary and reward systems so that the employees can grow up with the development of the company.
    1. Establish a system which can bring in talents, keep talents and wisely appoint talents. Retain talents with a promising career, friendly environment and good salary.
    2. Develop advanced enterprise culture and build a harmonious and comfortable working environment for the talents.
    3. Adjust and optimize the talents structure, stimulate the existing staffs, train urgently-needed talents and introduce important overseas talents.
    1. Human Resources Strategy:
    A. Based on information management, Yihua takes further steps to promote the performance-oriented-reward system. Applying the salary and welfare system and different ways of distribution which is marketing compatible, Yihua fosters a regulation and atmosphere which is good for talents’ development.
    B. Actively carry out the plan of employee training, especially the training for sales team, technicians and technical workers.
    C. Develop good enterprise culture. Regularize employees’ thought and behavior with common key value. Set up great working concepts and standards.
    2. Human Resources Goal
    A. Build up a highly professional management group.
    B. Develop a qualified team of excellent skilled talents.
    C. Establish a wonderful technician team.
    3. Human Resources Value
    A competent staff is a talent, a creative staff is an outstanding talent.
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