The enterprise culture of Yihua Group is not made up of some bland slogans. It is every member's understanding and construction of our company's core value and prospect. These ideas from the management to the general employees are more and more mature with the development of Yihua.

    Yihua sticks to a belief of “creating great products, bringing up top employees, building excellent environment and providing first-rate services.” Based on market-oriented policies and supported by management policies, Yihua never stops the step of enhancing our comprehensive strength. A good cultural atmosphere can help a company develop. Shouldering such an important mission, the governors of Yihua is trying hard in creating a harmonious, equal and vigorous environment for the employees, which ensures the implementation of thePeople-oriented Strategy”.Yihua Group pays importance to organization and construction. In August, 2000, Yihua Group established Party committee which made Yihua the first non-public enterprise in Guangdong Province to set up Party committee. It perfected the activity system of Party, league and labor union of Yihua and effectively promoted the development of the company. Striving for a creative and innovative atmosphere and a stress-free and harmonious living space, Yihua actively advocates cultural construction by building a gymnasium and reading room in staff living quarters and regularly organizing corporate sector group activity. “Yihua is proud of us, we take pride in Yihua” is a full expression that Yihua gives employees great sense of accomplishment and belonging, shapes the cohesion of the enterprise and inspirits the whole company.

    Dedication is the responsibility of an enterprise towards the society and also the responsibility of employees towards the enterprise. It is an obligation beyond the legal contract.
    Starting from the basis and sticking to "fact-based" policy is our pragmatic attitude.
    No motivation, no innovation. We apply the creative thinking in our thoughts, value, operation and production.  
    An enterprise can only survive by working hard. Only the persistent efforts can contribute to a greater achievement. Only hard working can help the company to accomplish his development mission and help the employees to realize their life value.
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