Yihua Enterprise (Group)Co., Ltd., founded in 1995, is a large multinational conglomerate comprising of Living Lifestyle, Medical & Health Care, Real Estate Development, Capital Management, Finance & Insurance as well as Hotel & Tourism. Currently, Yihua possesses a total asset value of more than RMB 80 billion, employs over 50,000 staff, strategically invests in more than 120 listed companies and pre-listed companies, runs about 200 domestic firms and overseas offices and controls two listed companies- Yihua Life and Yihua Healthcare. Yihua’s brand value reached RMB 15 billion. In 2017, Yihua Group achieved an output of RMB 50 billion, with its export value amounting to USD 2 billion and tax payment to RMB 2.1 billion. Yihua group has won the honors of "Top 10 Outstanding Private Enterprises in China" and "Top 100 Guangdong Province Enterprises". Besides, Yihua Group owns the honors of "Top 500 China Private Enterprises" and "Top 500 China Private Manufacturing Enterprises" in the last 7 consecutive years.

    Yihua Lifestyle
    Yihua Lifestyle Technology Co., Ltd, (originally Guangdong Yihua Timber Co., Ltd) is the first private company in Shantou to go public. Yihua life plays a leading role in wood flooring, furniture and sofa sectors. After changing its name in June 2016,Yihua Life successfully transformed from a traditional home furnishings manufacturer to a lifestyle service provider.
    Yihua Life spares no effort to implement the "Industrial Chain Integration" strategy by owning and managing forest resources. At present, Yihua possesses more than 400,000 hectares of forest and 16 manufacturing bases in which the site area is 466 hectares and the floorage area occupies 4 million square meters. The production capacity of these manufacturing bases has reached an amount of 4 million sets of solid furniture, 8 million square meters of wood flooring and 5 million sets of sofas to strengthen the industry chain integration which contains Afforestation - Planting - Processing – R&D - Production - Sales. Yihua has set up more than 400 exclusive shops in over 50 large and medium-sized cities in China and established 18 Yihua showrooms in major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.
    At present, Yi Hua has invested Linyi in Shandong Province to establish a limited liability company Shandong Yi Hua furniture with an area of 133 hectares. This project will bring about RMB 10 billion revenue.
    Actively responding to the “Belt & Road” strategy, Yihua Life has registered its trademark in 35 countries and regions, selling products with Yihua’s own brand worldwide. Yihua Life has set up wholly-owned subsidiaries and offices in the United States, France, UK, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Canada, Australia, Taiwan and other regions to expand investment channels. There are more than 2000 furniture distributors in America, and Yihua has become one of the largest investor by Chinese enterprises in the Los Angeles. Yihua also successfully invested in the development of 350,000 hectares of forest resources in Gabon, Africa.
    Yihua Life is the first to build "Y + Ecosystem" in domestic furnishings sector relying on its “Industry + Internet” integration. Currently, there are 12 member companies in Yihua Pan-home furnishings ecosystem, and Yihua wins the market access and entry composed of online, design, decoration, project, finance, customization, offline and intelligence. Now Yihua life owns Meilele, MYHOME 3D, Youzhu.com, Haier Home, Finance Gulf and joins hands with RRS.com to establish a custom-made furniture platform called Designwelt. Yihua life takes over a 40 years’ Singaporean listed company-HTL, and invests in the No.1 transformative furniture brand Sepsion, Taiwan Home Green which is professional in clearing formaldehyde and children furniture on-line brand Creator as well as join the efforts with the IOT+AI integrated solution provider Ixiaocong to enhance strength by providing consumers much more integrated pan-home furnishings and services.
    Yihua Life has won many national prestigious honors such as the "China Famous Product", "China Famous Export Brand" and "National Export Inspection-free Products". Besides, Yihua Life is a High-tech enterprise which passes “Measurement Management Systems(AAA) and “FSC-COC Chain of Custody Certificate”. Moreover, it has consecutively been on the list of "China's Most Valuable Brand" in the last 7 years.

    Yihua Health Medical Co., Ltd. (stock code: 000150, referred to as: Yihua Health) is listed in China's Shenzhen Stock Exchange focusing on medical and health care services. Yihua healthcare invested to build a health industry chain including the medical logistics service, medical engineering, hospital management, tumor treatment center, medical equipment manufacturing, pension services, network hospitals and medicine management. Now after a series of successful capital operation and industrial arrangement in recent years, Yihua Health has developed two major focus: medical service and services for the elderly, focusing on general private hospitals and high-end pension community. Yihua healthcare is dedicated to becoming a listed company with the most complete health industry chain in China's capital market.
    Currently Yihua healthcare has four wholly-owned subsidiary corporation and three participating subsidiaries. It has in total 60 hospitals and 8 cooperative cancer centers, with 30,000 medical and nursing beds, hosts 25 hospitals with 10,000 medical and nursing beds, runs 20 high-end pension community and 9000 sets of pension apartments. The subsidiaries are as follows: Zhong An Kang logistics company---ranking first in China's logistics management services, assuming the responsibility of construction of more than 100 large and medium-sized hospitals nationwide, providing non-medical services and supplies for more than 160 hospitals; Dagzê Sailor Kang medical investment management company---dominant in the field of tumor gamma knife and ranks among the top three in terms of quantity of medical bed; Cherish-Yearn---benchmarking enterprise in pension industry company, engaging in the operation of membership pension community and providing high-end pension services; Bioland---specializing in manufacturing the mobiles medical equipment and managing the chronic disease.
    Yihua is actively building the health feature villages, planning to invest RMB 15 billion in the construction of the " Yihua Health Village " project covering an area of 333 hectares in Shandong Province, RMB 12 billion for the "Nanchong International Tourism Zone" with an area of 233 hectares in Nanchong City, RMB 13 billion for "Yihua Health Village" with an area of 253 hectares in Wuhan, Hubei Province, and RMB 30billion with an area of 520 hectares in Ziyang Sichuan. These projects can create a new model of "healthcare +" with Yihua’s characteristics,  to promote the development of the industry, accelerate the development of new business models in order to boost the economy as well as promote win-win partnerships.
    In order to give back to its hometown, Yihua plans to invest about RMB 7 billion to build Shantou Yihua Medical Care & Pension Health City, a high-end integrated hospital---Shantou Yihua Huaqiao Hospital, to provide services such as health care, preventive health care, rehabilitation, teaching and clinical research. Basing on proton heavy ion therapy equipment, the Hospital will provide best health care service for local and overseas Chinese in Guangdong.

    Advocating a concept of "Live by heart & Build in green", Yihua Real Estate expands its business from Shantou to Meizhou, Hunan, Sichuan, Shandong, Hainan and other areas in China. The projects of Yihua Real Estate Holdings Co., Ltd contain real estate development, property management, road construction and urban infrastructure construction.
    It owns 400 hectares of land reserves. Its construction projects cover an area of 133 hectares and its sales area reaches a number of over 3.3 million square meters. Yihua Real Estate becomes a well-known real estate development company with many honors such as "China Real Estate Honest Enterprise", "China Real Estate Advanced Enterprise", “China Real Estate Exemplary Enterprise", "Estate Development Brand Enterprise of China Pan-Pearl River Delta" and "China Golden House Awards for The Most Influential Business".
    Yihua also owns Shantou International Hotel, Shenzhen Guanlan Grand Skylight International Hotel and further acquiring five star hotels in Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta respectively. With landmark and historically significant hotels to be acquired in the future, Yihua will root in other important cities and areas to radiate and gather resources around. 

    Capital Management
    Yihua Capital Management Co., Ltd is committed to the development of new strategic business with the integration of finance and industry for diversified industry operation. Up to 2017, Yihua Capital has invested in more than 120 listed and pre-listed companies in smart manufacturing, consumption upgrade, TMT, new education and many other fields.
    In 2016, Shantou Yihua Equity Investment Fund and Angel Investment Fund were launched by Shantou Municipal People’s government, Yihua Capital and Yihua Group. The equity fund totals up to RMB 2 billion and the total amount of angel fund is RMB 100 million. In 2017, the Chaozhou Yihua Equity Investment Fund were launched by Chaozhou Municipal People’s government, Yihua Capital and Yihua Group, with the total amount being RMB 1 billion. The fund will focus on investment in those leading enterprises in high technology sector and fast growth industry for quick realization of the main board listing or acquisition. Also support those innovative and growth oriented enterprises and to establish a high-tech industry incubation platform with Shantou characteristic.
    In 2017, Yihua participated in initiating the establishment of Zhejiang Zheshang Financial Equity Investment Fund as a cornerstone investor with the fund size of RMB 100 billion. Lushang new energy Financial Equity Investment Fund, the fund size RMB 100 billion. And also the Rongle healthy Pension Investment Fund with fund size RMB 10 billion in Shanghai. These funds will rely on the evalsuation capacity of the cornerstone investors and the fund specialization, focusing on the industrial chain around the fund investors to establish series of specialized industrial investment fund, carrying out equity investment, mergers and acquisitions, industry consolidation, asset securitization and investment business.

      Yihua Charity

    Yihua Group involves the social welfare concept into the corporate culture, corporate philanthropy strategy system. With full enthusiasm to participate in social public welfare and donation activities for many years, Yihua Group has donated more than RMB 800 million and sets up “Shantou Yihua Charity Foundation”. Yihua Group is a long-standing winner of the China Charity Prize and “Cotton Tree Cup” for eight consecutive years.
    Yihua actively responds to the calling of Poverty Reduction and participates in many poverty reduction activities with heart and effects to carry out industry poverty alleviation, employment poverty alleviation, public poverty alleviation and other means of public welfare.

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